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The 10 Best Editorial Photographers in Phoenix | Lindsay Oien #4

Still in a state of shock as I received an email from @peerspace saying they featured me in their latest article: The 10 Best Editorial Photographers in Phoenix! 😯😭😍 To say Arizona has treated me well since being here is an understatement!

"As part of the art of visual storytelling, editorial photography is one of our favorite niches to explore! For one, it covers a lot of ground. Documentary photojournalism is what we often think of as editorial photography, but the art form also includes fashion, commercial work, and even weddings if captured in a narrative-driven manner. This diversity in subgenre is what makes the work of these talented Phoenix editorial photographers so very exciting to explore together. Take a look at their breathtaking snapshots!"

I am so beyond thankful for my time here so far and I cannot wait to see what more is to come! If you'd like to book a shoot with me, I'd love to chat about your project!


Lindsay Oien


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