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Hey there internet world! It's been a minute since I've really been active on here. 😬 I have been hiding on my couch, eyeballs glued to the laptop with photo editing. 👀

Exciting news though, one of my clients just released their newest fitness collection - Shadows by @kamofitenss. Highly recommend!

I was just telling Logan the other day, that it's always a surreal moment when you get to see your photos actually out there live and in action! To me, it's what really brings them to life. Scrolling through them on the gallery vs on the official website is such a different vibe! It's also such a surreal moment when your clients start to come to you with inspiration photos that you also have on your inspo boards. I have such a love and passion for what I do, so to me, that's a sign that it's showing. 😘 When my clients believe in me, my abilities, and the same vision, it's always a successful shoot. 🤍

Anywho, I will try to post more updates soon! In the meantime, which shot do you think makes for the best ad??


Photographer + Director: @lindsay.oien

Studio: @blok_studio


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