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So excited to share new work for @koibotanicals!! Styling products and props has become one of my new favorite activities 😍 When Heather first reached out to me, she knew she wanted styled shots of her beauty products, but not sure what that would look like exactly. We wanted each product to be unique, but also still look like they're in the same family. So by using similar elements and color theory, this beautiful series was created! Using florals and greenery was kind of a no-brainer to me considering her company is called Koi BOTANICALS, but adding in the science beakers was another way to bring her brand story to the forefront. Not only do her products smell AMAZING, but she has also put years of time and effort into research, testing, and perfecting her blends to create products that are also safe, effective, and natural. Overall, the perfect healing recipe. 🌸🧪 Check it out!

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