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With the rise of our digital world, many businesses are seeing a huge increase in online sales. Some businesses exist only online and are thriving that way. It just goes to show the importance of eCommerce and your digital presence. That being said, if you look up eCommerce photography a majority of the photos are sooo plain and boring! I don't understand, almost everything we do nowadays is online, yet people are still living in the past with their digital product photography. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for plain white background photos and you can still get creative with it, but it's 2021 people let's kick it up a notch! It's time we introduce my favorite friend...COLOR! Using a recent shoot I did as an example, let me walk through why adding color to your next eCommerce shoot just might be the ticket to more sales.


As we already talked about, so many eCommerce photos out there are plain white backgrounds with the product just sitting there. Imagine if in a line-up photos your product was the one that POPPED out, it was the one with a splash of color making it catch the attention of the online shopper. Adding a colored background is so simple yet can make such a dramatic statement.


If you've ever had your photo taken you know that some angles, different lighting, or certain backdrops are more flattering for you than others. Products are the same way! Not every setup is going to be best for your product. Adding color to your eCommerce photos can bring out the personality in your product and really show off how attractive it can be. Take this photo, for example, even adding an additional element of honey really brings enhances its look.


To me, photography is personal, even for products. In everything piece of digital marketing, you should always be finding ways to infuse the personality of your brand. That's what makes you stand out, that's what makes people connect with your business on a deeper level. How you style a photograph can either highlight that amazing brand persona or it can let it fall flat. Similar to your brand's color palette, adding color to your photos is the same idea.


Excited customers are the best type of customers. When you have people who are just as excited as you are about a new product or can't wait to share their love for your brand, that's when you know you're doing something right. Why not emphasize that and create exciting content with your products. Give them a reason to share your photos all over social media, give them a reason to go "oooohhh, awweee" when they're shopping online. Perfectly color-coordinated photos can make your customers' hearts skip a beat. 💛

There's a time and a place for plain white background photos, but why not go to the next level and take your product photos from boring to WOW! More and more sales are happening online, don't get left behind because your photos don't stand out in the digital market. Show off your product and your brand all at once with eCommerce photos that SELL just by adding a little color!

More questions about how to do this or looking for additional help? Shoot me an email ( and I'd love to talk about ways we can bring your personality to product photography and increase your online sales!



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