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Sun, Style, and Swimwear | Capturing Summer’s Hottest Looks for a Fashion Catalog Shoot

As the spring sun (because the summer sun is way too hot 😂) casts its golden glow over Phoenix, the season of swimwear and sun-soaked styles takes center stage. This year, I embarked on an ambitious project: to capture a wide array of summer fashion looks for a swimwear brand, all within a tight two-day schedule. The result was not only a testament to efficiency and planning but also creativity! We shot at the same house both days but wanted the final images for this fashion catalog shoot to look as though they had been taken at different locations with seven different models.

We capitalized on the natural light's changing moods, using the crisp morning light for a fresh, airy feel and the intense noon sun to create bold, shadow-play filled images. Each model brought a different vibe, their expressions shifting from carefree laughter to poised elegance, mirroring the day's dynamic energy.

Check out some of my favorites below!

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