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From Lindsay Oien to Lindsay McOien

Oien to McOien
Oien to McOien

After a full week of basically nothing but happy tears followed by some much-needed rest and relaxation, I am happy to officially introduce Logan and I as HUSBAND AND WIFE!!! 😍💕😭 AHHH!!! Someone pinch me!!! Our wedding day was an absolute dream come true and we feel so loved by everyone around us.

Not only has our relationship status changed, but so has the last name...and no, not just mine. 😉 We've always known we wanted to do something different than the tradition. Our relationship has always been about equal participation and collaboration. We split everything evenly and work together in all ways. After some careful thought, reviewing our options, and finding inspiration from others, we have come to the decision to blend our last names!! This gives us each representation from both of our own families, while still joining us as a couple. Pleased to announce that we are now Mr. & Mrs. McOien! 🖤

Now for my was a tough decision to make as to whether I keep my business-facing name and branding as Oien or go through the efforts of changing it to McOien. After some careful thought, I have decided to make the transition!

Some may disagree, but to me, business is personal. Especially until I "officially" start my own production company someday...*wink, wink*... I am my business and I am no longer Lindsay Oien. To me, it felt like being half in and half out. And if you know me personally, you know I am rarely a half-assed person. 😂 Of course, there is a lot to change over and I'm sure I will confuse some people in the process, so please bare with me. But overall, I'm excited about the change!

What does this mean for you? Well not much, but now you know if you get an email from, you'll know it's me. 😘 I'll still be keeping the other email and checking in on it, but, feel free to update my contact info. If you're feeling ambitious and you have my name, website, IG, etc linked anywhere on your website, bonus points if you update that as well.

Extra bonus points if you want to help build my SEO by leaving a review on my new Google Business page! 😉

Officially signing off for the first time as Lindsay McOien!


Sneak peek photos by the wonderful @beyondthepinesphotography


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