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What is photo styling? 🤔 Good question, glad you asked! 😉⁠

Photo styling is the careful selection of props, lighting, background, colors, etc. to create the perfect mood/tone for the shoot. On some shoots, this is actually someone's entire role! 😲 Kind of a big deal.⁠

Back in the day, I had no idea what styling was. I always just thought "you can make it look good in editing" and never actually considered what I was putting in front of the camera. It wasn't until I learned more about advertising and branding that I realized, the colors and background objects are super important!⁠

Now that I work with brands and their personal styles, I often take on the role of stylist and creative director! Before the shoot, I create a mood board with my clients to visually grasp what we want to accomplish. Then, in cases like this shoot with @mudandsage, we literally transformed an entire space to match her vibe! The space itself, the time of day, each item on the shelf, the artwork, the chair, and even every plant was carefully picked out and placed in the frame. It's amazing what styling can do. 🙌🏻 Imagine how the photos would have turned out if we left the room as-is! 🥴😅

Questions setting up a photoshoot? Send me an email at!



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