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On Cloud 9 | Dreamy Beauty Shoot at Phoenix Studio

Test shoots provide the freedom to experiment with new ideas, techniques, and styles without the constraints of a specific client brief. This particular test shoot allowed me to push boundaries and explore new dimensions in product and beauty photography that truly reflected my artistic vision.

Working alongside a team of talented individuals, we experimented with different compositions, props, and effects to reflect the perfume's unique personality. From glowing makeup to flowing fabrics, every element was carefully selected to complement the product and enhance the narrative.

As a photographer, my mission is to bring visions to life, to transform creative ideas into tangible art. This dreamy beauty shoot was a testament to this mission, a reminder of why I fell in love with photography.

P.S. Campaign video coming soon too! 😍 👀

Product: @mixbarbeauty

Photographer: @lindsay.mcoien

Videographer: @wyatt.rutt

Assistant: @alitsophoto

Studio: @blok_studio


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