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Is your realtor as badass as Jalisa!? 🔥 Cause you know she'll get it done.⁠

Jalisa reached out to me looking for more than a headshot but a storytelling gallery of photos and ones that attract her target clients. As a brand photographer, this is one of my favorite inquires. 🙌🏻 Speakin' my language.⁠

Together we planned a shoot that not only highlighted her and her business but also matched her brand and gives her the tools she needs to connect with her ideal clients. We captured multiple parts of the process and even managed to get through 4 outfits for a variety of content.⁠

It's not just about having professional quality photos, it's also about showing your passion, personality, and expertise. All things that make people trust you and value working with you.⁠

Jalisa, you were a natural in front of the camera, and I had such a blast working with you. I know you'll keep kicking ass out there!

Like what you see? Let's meet up!


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