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I help people tell their stories. Why? Because stories bring people together. Stories remind us we are all humans. Stories inspire positive change.⁠ One of those beautiful stories I got to capture is Kate's. Kate is an entrepreneur, owner + social media strategist at Kate Rae Digital, yoga instructor, writer, world traveler, and just an overall ray of sunshine! It's through all of her passions that she started #LetsReallyLive. There's no reason you can't be living life to the fullest. Each and every day is a new opportunity to cherish. Inspired by a note left by her late grandpa, Kate now helps others to do more than just be alive, but rather to really live!⁠ Although yoga is just one part of her story, it has changed her life forever. It's not about getting the perfect pose, it's the journey of the practice and everything it teaches you along the way. It's not for sport, it's for meditation, mindfulness, breathing, energy, and peace.⁠

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