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Using today to not only celebrate all the amazing women in my life, but also to remind you that international women's day isn't just about spreading the love via a cute post.

Today we (all humans) honor the women before us, the women with us, and the women still to come, by ACTUALLY supporting them. Crazy concept, I know. Hire women. Pay women equally. Support women in leadership. Buy from women-owned businesses. Learn about women's history. Understand women's health. Donate to organizations helping women. Respect and value the women you know AND the ones you don't. Believe women. Vote for women's rights. Put your money where your post is and take action not just today, but everyday.

Today isn't just about women given each other high-fives and hugs, but for women, men, and all the like to learn, grow, and support women around the world.

And in case you didn't get a case to do any of this today, no worries, the whole month is actually dedicated to women, so try again tomorrow. 😉 In fact, let's just keep this energy going from here on out! 👏🏻

Excited to be sharing new work for the women-owned business, @bellibind and the beautiful women making the images come to life,, @xo_zanaejaa, @thatbaldgirlren 💕

Let's work together! Book now!


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