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Wow! I have been so inspired by this badass woman from the moment I met her. Not only does she run a kick-ass company, but also has the kindest heart.⁠ Amber took over @regalwoodcabinetsllc almost 10 years ago now from her beloved father-in-law. Being a female running a cabinet company in a male-dominated field is not everyone's cup of tea. Amber has shared some shocking stories with me about her experiences over the years and yet she came out stronger every time.⁠ I had the honor of photographing her and her team at the wood shop the other day. I had a blast executing this concept for her portraits. It was important we captured her in the wood shop, but I also didn't just want her standing in the middle of this giant room. So we made this mini set instead to fulfill the vision. 🙌🏻⁠ It was also cool to sneak around to all the workers and capture them while they were in the zone. Great shoot, great people, great company!⁠ Thanks for letting me be a part of it, Amber! Until next time. 😘



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