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Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70? That's insane! Do you know why it's so popular? BECAUSE YOU CAN GET SUNBURNED THROUGH YOUR CLOTHES! 😲 I had no idea...until I worked with Sun50!

Sun50 is a clothing brand made in sunny Los Angeles. Co-founder and CEO, Christie, grew up in California during a time when sunscreen usage was few and far between. It was all fun and games for Christie and her cousin, Renee, while they soaked up the sun! Until one day, in their early 30's, Renee lost her life to melanoma. Skin cancer doesn't discriminate, Christie knows it just as easily could have been her. With Renee in mind, Sun50 was born!

Sun50's mission is to reduce the chances of skin cancer by providing the most fashion-forward, easy-to-wear, and socially impactful sun protective clothing available. All of their clothing is created not only for style but for a positive impact. With UV protection built into their fabric, Sun50 gives you the fashionable clothes you want and the skin protection you need.

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