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When I first started working with @safkanhealth my main goal was to make an ear wax cleaning device look sexy… I’d say mission accomplished 😎 since then, our projects have grown and I now produce and direct their marketing content all over the country! First stop was Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, next stop is LA and San Diego in a few weeks. Bonus is getting to see it in action at the trade shows! 🤩

I love getting to do more than just photography. My OCD makes producing right up my alley and I’ve always loved directing and connecting with people to make the vision come to life. Can’t wait to see what's next!

Thanks to a great team 🙌🏻

Producer, Director, Photographer: @lindsay.oien

Videographer, Lighting: @wyatt.rutt

Lastly, a special thank you to the customers for letting us come in and tell your stories!


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