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EEEKKK!! You guys, I had the absolute pleasure of working with business owner, macarons maker, and charcuterie connoisseur, Maraia of @portersgraze. Whenever I start a new project with someone, it's so important to me for us to have the same vision and goals for the shoot. Some come to me with ideas all laid out and ready to go, others like to utilize my creative direction and perfect the ideas together, and for some, in the case of Porter's Graze, my brain goes crazy with ideas even before the first hello! 😅 It's a blessing and a curse haha.

Maraia mentioned to me that making these charcuterie boards and adorable macarons wasn't just a job, but an art form to her! These days anyone can buy some cheese at the store and put it on a cute cutting board, but Maraia isn't here to be a personal grocery shopper. The talent, passion, and art that go into every detail is what makes her creations special. Not to mention, she knows how to make it all taste so delicious. 😍

With that idea in mind, I knew her photos had to reflect her artistry, from the first step to the last. So together, we created what started out with Great Britsh Baking Show vibes in a grassy field and ended with a styled picnic and moody portraits. Basically, a macaron baker, but make it editorial! ✨🤌🏻😂

Check her out and get yourself a gourmet charcuterie board for your next event.



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