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I cannot rave enough about how much I love this shoot and everyone involved! 🤍 I am a big believer in "going with the flow" and that's saying a lot coming from someone who plans and organizes every aspect of her life. 😅⁠

We originally planned this shoot for the Casa Grande Ruins, but when we pulled up and found out they were closing their gates in 10 minutes, we had to find a backup plan FAST!⁠

Rather than panicking or calling it off, we literally just pulled over ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD and started shooting. The reveal was MAGICAL! Granted, I still had beautiful models and gorgeous jewelry to work with, I couldn't be happier with how we made something out of nothing.⁠

Be sure to check out Luna and Saya to see all of her wonderfully handcrafted pieces. Made with passion and purpose. Get your own pair of statement earrings and reveal the magic within you! 😉

Like what you see? Let's do this!


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