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We've done it again! 👏🏻 Another ✨ MAGICAL ✨ shoot with the one and only Luna and Saya. I will never pass up on an opportunity to work with this talented and creative soul. The time, intention, passion, and artistic flair Marina puts into her jewelry blows me away.⁠

This collection, MOONBOW 🌙🌈 is inspired by the phenomena that happen when the moonlight creates a rainbow from the mist of a waterful. Has anyone else started daydreaming?? 🙋🏻‍♀️⁠

Finding beauty in the darkness is a reminder we all need sometimes. If Mother Nature can create a rainbow in the darkness of night, then we can too. As Marina explains it "it invites us to come into the shadow part of ourselves and heal all that no longer serves us. When we take a moment to resolve those things...we give light to the darkness revealing our won beauty."⁠

Lastly, shout out to our beautiful models for truly bringing it all to life!

Enjoy. 💫

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