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This year, I am celebrating 5 years as a full-time freelancer! My journey from a child who loved all things artsy to a professional photographer has been unexpected but fulfilling. Despite the challenges, I truly cherish the privilege I have of doing what I love for a living.


When reflecting on my creative roots, I recall my fascination with art. Taking photos of flowers with the family camera and drawing them is a favorite childhood memory. Now, with photography as my everyday job, my goal is to reconnect with my love for art and define myself as an artist.


Enter my passion project – an art gallery! This collection spans from childhood sketches to professional photography, embodying a heartfelt exploration of growth, passion, and collaboration. It’s a return to why I fell in love with the arts.


Recognizing the healing power of art, often overlooked, this gallery serves a dual purpose, bringing people together and supporting the next generation. Partnering with Free Arts, all profits from print sales contribute to providing art therapy for children who have experienced trauma.


This gallery (official title coming soon) aims to showcase the artistic journey from childhood dreams to professional creativity, challenging societal judgments, and ensuring support for future artists, affirming that creativity is a genuine force for significant impact.


When | Fall 2024

Where | Phoenix, Arizona

Specific details coming soon!


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